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and good morning, america. hello to robin. back in just one week to "gma." and so much is going on here this morning. three, big stories. we hear from the pope, as we said. the president's state of the union last night. but, elizabeth, last night was one of those nights that even as the president was getting ready to take center stage, all eyes on california. >> absolutely, george. that drama unfolding in california. there's gripping video that's come out just overnight of that dangerous showdown between police and christopher dorner. listen to the bullets. [ gunfire ] an unbelievable number of the bullets exchanged between the suspect and police surrounding the cabin. smoke bombs fired. investigators this morning are trying to determine if, in fact, dorner was killed in the firefight inside a cabin that burned down at big bear lake in california. of course, we do know for sure that a sheriff's deputy was killed. killed and shot by christopher dorner. abc's cecilia vega has been covering the story all night. and joins us now this morning with the very latest. good morning, cecilia.
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>> reporter: elizabeth, good morning. -pt dorner lasted ten, long days. the heart of that search and now likely its finale, happening right here in this ski resort town outside of los angeles. sources tell abc news, a charred body was found in a burned-down house where a shoot-out yesterday took place with police. now, authorities are looking to forensic evidence to confirm that body belongs to christopher dorner. after an all-day shoot-out filled with drama -- the week-long international manhunt for christopher dorner ended overnight in a blazing inferno and a hail of gunfire. [ gunfire ] with local news stations broadcasting live -- >> what you are hearing is the scene unfolding live. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, it all started shortly after noon, when a maid called
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911, saying she and another worker had been tied up and held hostage by dorner in a resort cabin. remarkably, just a few yards from where police had been holding press briefings for nearly a week. she told police she had broken free. but that dorner had stolen a car. that call sparked a swift and overwhelming response. roads closed, every car searched. police say dorner crashes that car, then flees on foot. >> shut down the freeway. possibly for the subject we've been looking for. >> reporter: only to commandeer rick heltebrake's pickup. on a nearby road. >> he pointed his big rifle at me, in my truck. i stopped, put my truck in park. put my hands up. >> reporter: what he heard next, gunfire that sources say was also from the fugitive. [ gunfire ] this time, in a shoot-out with two approaching sheriff's deputies. dorner kills one and wounds another before once again fleeing.
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then, less than an hour later, residents report the sound of gunfire at a nearby cabin. as local news choppers hover overhead, s.w.a.t. teams surround dorner and begin firing. the melee broadcast live on kcbs. >> the shots you're hearing are all from guns and weapons that are being fired by law enforcement officers. >> reporter: by 2:00 p.m., smoke is pouring out of the building. then, flames. shortly before 5:00, reports of a s.w.a.t. team approaching a fire in an armored vehicle and injecting gas into the cabin. before reportedly peeling back the walls of that cabin like an onion. for days, police were holding news conferences right across the street from this location. now this morning, neighbors are telling us at least for a short time, christopher dorner was holed up in one of these houses. george? >> so close by. cecilia, thanks. more now from that man who says he was carjacked by christopher dorner.
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rick heltebrake was driving his car, turned the corner and then came face-to-face with the fugitive. hear him tell his story. >> i saw movement in the trees. it was christopher dorner. he came out on the road out of the snow. he was dressed in all-camouflage. he had a sniper-type rifle. and he had a bulletproof vest on. he was dressed to do some daniel, it looked like. he said, i don't want to hurt you. just get out, start walking up the road and take your dog with you. within about ten seconds later, i heard a volley of gunfire. like, 10 to 20 shots. apparently what he had done is, he had turned my truck around and started going back down the hill, from the direction i was coming up and there was a sheriff's unit on the road behind me that i was not aware of. they came face-to-face with each other. and one of the sheriff's deputies ended up dying later.
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>> just listening, now, to the man carjacked by the suspect. and we're going to turn, now, to lieutenant patrick foy. of the california department of fish and wildlife. lieutenant, your officers were the first to engage the suspect. they were driving down the street in one direction. he was driving in the opposite. and they were able to spot him that quickly? >> they did. they were on the alert for the suspect's vehicle. they were together paired up with deputies from san bernadino county. and when the suspect drove by in the two buses -- he had two buses he was using as cover. they drove past him. they recognized the driver of the vehicle. they recognized the vehicle. they turned around to pursue. but there was a minor delay. the deputies were actually in the process of trying to deploy some spike strips. ultimately, by the time they got around the two buses, the suspect had unknowingly made a right on a different side road called glass road. drove up glass road, whereas our two wardens and two deputies
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continued on forward. ultimately, via the radio, they realized they had gone too far. they missed the turn. they let two additional patrol trucks know -- three wardens and two patrol trucks know, they turned up glass road and ultimately came into contact with the suspect. and that's where the first volley of gunfire took place. >> and how many of your officers were actually involved in this firefight? i think people might be surprised to know that fire and wildlife department authorities are actually involved in gunfights like this. >> unfortunately, we do get involved. it's been an average of about one a year. we've actually had two in the last two months. this particular one, obviously, was -- >> was a bad one, obviously. how was it that dorner was able to escape the officers and get his way into that cabin? do you know? >> what happened was, he was coming back down the road. we were looking for a purple-colored nissan. and all of a sudden, this white pickup starts coming by in the opposite direction.
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that was not the suspect vehicle that we had been looking for. the warden who was driving in the front vehicle all by himself, passed the new white pickup, looked and noticed it was the suspect. ultimately, he had no time to warn his partner, who was coming up right behind him. and by that time, dorner knew he had been recognized. he rolled down his window and he opened fire on the two officers who were in the second fish and game truck behind them. >> go ahead, lieutenant. it's all right. go ahead. >> yeah. we are full police officers in california. game wardens are police officers, just like everybody else. ultimately, the officer who was driving that vehicle stopped and pulled out his patrol rifle and engaged probably 15 to 20 shots, as dorner was driving away. >> and lieutenant, very quickly. are you confident that there's nobody else in this area who's been hurt? have you been able to search other cabins? because it turns out this suspect could have been in the area for nine days hiding. >> that's a hard one to answer.
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we're certainly working closely with the san bernadino's sheriff's office. they've taken the lead on this whole investigation. they're working on that, going cabin-to-cabin, for quite some time now. so, that's certainly part of the investigation. >> lieutenant patrick foy. thank you so much. a dramatic event overnight in southern california. we appreciate your update. let's go back to washington, d.c., the president's state of the union speech and george. >> that's right, elizabeth. thank you. the president's big chance to lay out his second-term agenda. the speech was ambitious on the economy. dramatic and emotional on the need to end gun violence. abc's jon karl was in the chamber last night. >> fellow americans -- >> reporter: it was 52 minutes into the speech before the president first mentioned guns. victims of gun violence stood up in the gallery, as the president made his most forceful and emotional argument yet for congress to at least allow a vote on new gun control measures. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve
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a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> reporter: his gun control plan faces a steep uphill climb in congress. but the response showed why the president will continue to push for it. >> they deserve a vote. >> reporter: with a possible government shutdown looming in just over a month, and with deep, automatic spending cuts taking effect in just a couple of weeks, the president warned congress not to go to the brink again. >> the greatest nation on earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. we can't do it. >> reporter: and he made it clear, he will resist efforts to cut medicare. and insists on more tax increases on the wealthy. >> why would we choose to make deeper cuts to education and medicare, just to protect special interest tax breaks? how is that fair?
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>> reporter: but perhaps the single biggest announcement in the speech came on afghanistan. the president saying, he will withdraw some 34,000 troops, more than half of all those now deployed, from afghanistan by this time next year. >> this drawdown will continue. and by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over. >> reporter: republicans found little to like in the president's speech. speaker of the house john boehner summed it up by saying that the president offered americans, quote, little more than more of the same stimulus policies that have failed to fix our economy and put americans back to work. and so, george, the political battle lines are drawn. >> thanks, jon. and joining us now, the man who gave the republican response to president obama last night, senator marco rubio of florida. good morning, senator. thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning, george. thank you. >> so, you laid out some very clear differences with the president last night on the core
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economics. i want to look at where there might be common ground. let's go to the issue of guns, to begin with. you said that we can't have any proposals that undermine second amendment rights. but do you agree with the president that there should at least be an up-or-down vote on his proposals? >> well, i mean, you can say that on any issue in washington. it has to work through the legislative process. there are other issues that should have an up-and-down vote, as well. we should have a budget. we should have a real plan to save medicare. we should have a real plan to grow our economy. we should have a real plan for tax reform. all these deserve an up-or-down vote, as well. now, as we said last night, we were all heartbroken and we were all sympathetic on what happened in connecticut. we need to prevent that from happening again. unfortunately, all of these things the president is proposing, none of them would have prevented what happened in connecticut. i think we need to look at the real root causes of violence in america. >> on the issue of immigration. the president said he wanted a responsible pathway to earn citizenship. you signed on to bipartisan principles that also call for a path to citizenship. but you didn't repeat it last night. do you still share that goal?
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>> i'm part of that work group. we laid out our principles. and i remain committed to those principles. ultimately, it's not good for america, to have 11 million people who never have a chance to become fully invested in the american dream. there has to be a process to get there. they have to have a work permit first. they have to earn the right to ultimately earn that green card. once you have a green card, you're five years away from becoming a citizen. >> the big clash with the president last night on those core economic issues. and as you know, those across-the-board budget cuts are coming fast, on march 1st. a potential government shutdown at the end of march. the president, last night, asked the members of congress to promise not to shut down the government. not to do anything to undermine the full faith and credit of the pledge. can you take that pledge? >> no one is talking about shutting down the government. and as far as these automatic cuts are concerned, those are his ideas. he's the one that asked for that in the deal that passed last night. >> those were signed on by democrats, republicans and the president alike.
7:13 am
>> yeah, well, i didn't vote for it. one of the reasons i didn't vote for it is because it was such a terrible idea. but i think it's wrong for him to insist on that. he actually came up with it. it originated in the white house, the idea of these automatic cuts, that specifically hit defense and the military. now, he's saying we have to get rid of them. don't go around acting like he had nothing to do with it. it was your idea. >> the president preferred an alternative, as you know. he wanted to have a broader agreement with democrats and republicans to avoid the sequester. that was the failsafe. >> well, we all prefer that. the question is, if he really prefers the broader alternative, when is he going to offer it? the budgets he has offered are so ridiculous, george, that not even democrats in the senate would vote for them. >> finally, i have to ask you about that water bottle last night. twitter went a little bit wild. you tweeted about the water bottle yourself. you got it there again. you know, you showed an ability to laugh at yourself. do you have anything to add to that tweet from last night? >> no. i needed water. what am i going to do?
7:14 am
you know, it happens. god has a funny way of reminding us we're human. >> you have a big smile on your face. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, george. let's go back to josh elliott in new york, with the morning's other headline from rome. we're going to begin with pope benedict speaking publicly for the first time since he announced he will step down this month because of declining health. this morning, it appears the pope is trying to quiet any and all conspiracy theories. let's get right now to abc's dan harris at the vatican. good morning, dan. >> reporter: josh, good morning. the pope received an extended standing ovation, was even interrupted a few times by cheers. some people had tears in their eyes. benedict appeared gratified by all the well-wishes. he thanked people for their prayers during these days he said had been hard for him. he said he was stepping down for the good of the church. and i was struck by that he was doing this of his own free will.
7:15 am
the vatican clearly concerned about conspiracy theories that the pope is stepping down because of intrigue. >> quieting concerns for now. thank you, dan. now to the latest on that carnival cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico. its power knocked out by fire. and this morning, the ship with some 4,200 people onboard is finally making its way to port. but conditions are worsening by the hour. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: after three days of silence and squalor, aboard "the triumph," carnival ceo gerry cahill is finally talking. >> responding to our guests onboard the ship is the number one priority. the full resources of the company have been committed to this effort. >> reporter: more than challenging, passengers telling abc news overnight conditions are worsening. ann barlow seen here hamming it up before boarding, texting us, elderly and handicap are struggling. the smell is gross. our room is leaking sewage. her 11-year-old twin boys are worried. >> it's been heartbreaking.
7:16 am
i just hope she comes back safely and sound. >> reporter: barlow, like the hundreds you see in this picture, is clinging to the decks. the ship lost power sunday after a fire burned out its four engines. carnival now blaming that on an alternator problem. on monday, carnival reversed course. deciding to tow the ship to mobile, alabama, adding nearly 200 miles and an extra day of misery for the passengers. >> it's going to cost carnivals tens of millions. it remains to be seen how badly this will hurt their brand. >> reporter: and passengers are clamoring for answers. texting us, why are there food shortages? why can't they get us off? josh, from this tug in the middle of mobile bay, you see where these two navy ships are going to be moved out and "triumph" will be nudged into that terminal. those thousands of passengers onboard will be triaged by medical personnel here. then, they will be packed on 20 chartered flights and flown home.
7:17 am
having spent five days on a ship with no power and little sanitation and little food. josh? >> at long last, an end to that misery. speaking of misery, sam, we thought we got it bad here in the northeast. but parts -- >> yeah, just wait until you see pictures from amarillo this morning. that's how we'll start, snow falling in amarillo. about nine inches of snow just outside of town. amarillo got about 4.7 inches. they were in a snow drought before this little event. and now, they're kind of back up toward the normal mark. probably within an inch of that. the pictures will show you that that snow starts to move east. this is something everybody from elkins, west virginia, all the way to pittsburgh, philadelphia, should be aware of. this light line of snow will clip through here later on tonight. a little bit of a wet snow. a little mix. not a lot. we have those powerful thunderstorms in georgia and north florida to keep an eye on today. today.
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>> much more ahead on that breaking news. the police firefight with fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner. also ahead, stunning testimony in the trial of the star college quarterback. facing off in court for the first time with his accuser. lady gaga's announcement overnight. the medical condition that's causing her to cancel some concerts. and banana joe, the most appealing dog. banana joe, the most appealing dog. when you were starting out? or after a few decades working in some well-worn character? experience makes you wiser for the wear. and now come the richer possibilities. [ children laughing ] aarp. an ally for real possibilities. find tools and resources at
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>> now, from abc7 news we are following development news in contra costa county where a police officer was shot while chasing a suspect with outstanding warrant tonight. the officer was taken to the hospital and was released. the officer returned fire after the suspect was shooting. the officer was treated and released. the fog is very heavy, and we had an early problem at skyline boulevard and the on-ramp has been re-opened and fog is the culprit southbound with stall tonight back to industrial way on southbound 680.
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>> and a look from mount tamalpais where the clouds came late to the day and will make a quicker exit than yesterday. as far as the fog, it is spilling out of the north bay a quarter mile in novato and 2.5 miles in oakland with freezing temperatures in napa and santa rosa and black ice is less likely. most of us in the 30's to mid-40's and temperatures from 1 to 4 degrees above average and the low-to-mid 60's this afternoon. we will top ought at 70 on
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look and listen to this. police in a shoot-out with fugitive christopher dorner. you can hear the gunshots. [ gunfire ] and there is the burning cabin where dorner held two women hostage. investigators now going through the rubble.
7:29 am
dna testing of the body in that cabin going on right now. and, elizabeth, that fire was so hot for so long, the police couldn't get that close. and led to early confusion on what exactly was inside. >> we did. we had conflicting reports on whether or not a body was inside. whether or not that body was that of christopher dorner's. and there's going to be some waiting before we get absolute forensic confirmation of that. it's an ongoing and very dramatically unfolding story we're following this morning. also ahead, we have dramatic testimony in the trial of the star college quarterback, coming face-to-face in court today with his accuser. also on the show, a stunning announcement overnight from lady gaga, saying that she's injured. she's had to postpone some shows. and we'll tell you when she can return to the stage. >> hopefully soon. >> yes. also, the westminster dog show, going bananas. >> you called it. >> we saw him yesterday. banana joe, the little
7:30 am
affenpinscher. he now reigns supreme. the very best in show. all of the highlights ahead. >> cannot wait for that. but let's get more on the breaking, new details about the shoot-out with christopher dorner in california last night. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has been covering this from the start and has been working through the night. what's going on now? there was some confusion on where the body was, and whether it was taken out. >> reporter: the key right now is that, they want to do dental testing or some type of dna testing to make sure the body is actually dorner's. now, my sources were saying they were pretty sure that the body was inside the cabin. they were saying that pretty early on. why the police initially said there was no body is unclear to me. but the sources were telling me pretty early on, they had seen some evidence there was a body inside the cabin. >> and police knew from the very beginning this was how it was going to end. >> reporter: yeah, my sources had said this man had a death wish. he hated the police. he wanted a confrontation from
7:31 am
him. and he was prepared to die. and if you look at his manifesto, the manifesto he released last week, he said, self-preservation is no longer important to me. i do not fear death. i died long ago. >> amazing he was able to last as long as he did in that small area. >> reporter: well the fascinating thing was, if you look at where the burning truck was discovered, where the press conferences were held, and where the cabin is, it's all within three or four miles. he was right there, hiding in plain sight. >> okay, pierre thomas, thanks very much. back to you, elizabeth. now, we're going to turn to the trial of that star college quarterback. the former university of montana football player, accused of sexual assault. the alleged victim is taking the stand as the very first witness. this case has rocked the top college program and divided a community. "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams, is here. there are a lot of accusations the college hasn't been good on handling these allegations in the past. >> well, absolutely. full investigation going on.
7:32 am
inside that courtroom now, it's a high-profile he said/she said, playing out in montana this week. with the alleged victim and the accused facing off in court for the first time. she's the first witness called by the prosecution in a case that's bitterly divided the missoula, montana, community. the 21-year-old woman is accusing the former star quarterback, jordan johnson, of forcing her to have sex, after she invited him to her room. taking the stand monday, she described how the two had flirted, even kissed. and the two made a plan to meet up the following night. >> what was your expectation of him coming over to watch movies? >> i just wanted to get to know him. i didn't know him prior. just get to kind of know him and see how school was going. >> reporter: johnson sat quietly, as the prosecutor laid out the case against him in
7:33 am
opening statements on monday. >> her findings were consistent with nonconsensual sex. >> reporter: the prosecution argued that a alleged victim picked the victim up at her house. and it was there that things got ugly fast. >> he changed. his demeanor changed. he became more aggressive. and in her words, it got real scary, real fast. >> reporter: but johnson's attorney told jurors a very different story. of a woman spurned. >> she encouraged him. she participated. she continued. but the fact that he didn't give her a relationship does not make what happened that night a crime. >> it's ultimately going to come down to who makes the stronger case. >> reporter: this morning, johnson's accuser will be back on the stand to detail exactly what she says happened that night. and then, this jury will hear what could be a bruising cross-examination by johnson's attorney. in addition to the fact that a
7:34 am
star athlete is on trial, many are watching this case closely because local and university officials have been accused of ignoring or minimizing dozens of rape allegations, leading to investigations by the department of justice, the department of education, and the ncaa, as we talked about. >> this is going to be a tough cross-examination. i'm wondering about the dynamic in that courtroom. the defense attorney is a woman. it will be a woman asking these very tough questions. >> but it has to be tough. because, remember, the defense's position is, she's lying. she's making this up. this is not about misinterpretation or misunderstandings. the defense is saying, she's making up a story about what happened. and as a result, the cross-examination has to be tough. >> how do you prove consent or lack of it? >> that's why these cases are hard for prosecutors. they have the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. >> all right, dan, thanks so much. and we turn to the shocking announcement overnight from lady gaga. the superstar revealing that an injury will cause her to cancel some concerts. take a look.
7:35 am
♪ baby i was born this way >> reporter: this morning, pop superstar lady gaga, who burst on to the music scene in 2008, with her hit song "just dance," is finding herself unable to do just that. overnight, the 26-year-old songstress announced she has been diagnosed an inflammation of the joints. called synovitis, her staff tweeting, gaga's doctor has ordered her to postpone shows in chicago, detroit and hamilton. >> synovitis is an inflammation of the membrane that lines a joint capsule. and it can cause significant pain, significant swelling. reduced range of motion. >> reporter: the pop icon, known for her high-octane music videos, avant-garde wardrobe, and even more elaborate and physically demanding stage shows. but since april, she's kept a schedule that's been even too much for her. crisscrossing the globe on her
7:36 am
born this way ball tour. performing a staggering 90 concerts in over 40 countries. overnight, the singer said it was this show in montreal monday, seen in a video posted on youtube, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. "i hid it from my staff. i didn't want to disappoint my amazing fans. however, after last night's performance, i could not walk and still can't." >> the first course of action is rest. and then, some medications to reduce the inflammation. >> reporter: and while the grammy award-winning singer tells fans she's hoping for a speedy recovery, and appears to still be planning to take to the stage next tuesday in philadelphia, many wonder if her grueling tour pace may finally be catching up with the paparazzi diva. >> lady gaga will not go on unless she will give a jaw-dropping performance. to have to postpone four shows, you know that she's not doing well. >> she is a true athlete.
7:37 am
we're wishing you the best, gaga. get well soon. >> yep. sam? >> we're going to start with pictures of oklahoma city. that big western snowfall coming in overnight. all your twitter pictures from yesterday, showing a lot of slowdown everywhere. 2.3, 2.5 inches in okc proper. but just west of the city, about five inches of snow. that was a big deal. today, 53 degrees. we're going to get rid of it in oklahoma city. dallas, 58 degrees. look at how warm it is. pick your spot on the west coast. if it was almost 70 in l.a., where would you hang out? i don't know, i would be at manhattan beach. just a quick, little -- >> el torasco. number 7. >> and the low, moving into the northwest. we have a good hit of snow coming tonight. and it is drive time home, folks. just listen to me here. drive time home, from philadelphia to new york city, that snow and ice, by 5:00, goes all the way until about 2:00 in the morning with whatever mix there is. and then, that low pulls out of here.
7:38 am
so, do be careful on your what? your drive time home. >> stormy, stormy, south gea, >> stormy, stormy, south georgia, north florida. all that weather was brought to you by party city. >> party city. >> party city. one of my favorite places. >> i'll bet it is. >> don't you live there? >> thank you, sam. coming up, banana joe takes best in show. the tiny dog who peeled off the big win. and the brand-new pictures of kate. the mono-name princess, causing a huge controversy, right now. princess, causing a huge controversy, right now. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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well, back, now, with a first at the 137th annual westminster kennel club dog show. an affenpinscher, who lara first brought to us yesterday. banana joe. best in show today. bouncey step and a shiny black coat, as you can see there. >> sounds like you. >> abc's paula faris has it all. >> the affenpinscher. >> reporter: going bananas over banana joe. the affenpinscher winning best in show at westminster. >> serious ribbonage. >> reporter: picked for his humor and spirit, he was chosen best overall.
7:43 am
but his first at this big show. >> the big dogs. >> reporter: it is the ultimate canine competition. over 2,700 dogs, 187 breeds. but they're not just pretty pooches. they're big. as tall as me. and bold. he's a little bit of a flirt, aren't you? this year's show, however, was dog-gone different. russell terriers invited for the first time ever. his ears are back. what does that mean? typical man, tuning me out, right? also a first, doggy democracy. nonchampions like swagger, an old english sheepdog, were allowed to compete. swagger even made it to the final. >> the crowd making its favorite known. >> reporter: but looking this good isn't easy. when you groom him, how long does that take? the process, from beginning to end?
7:44 am
are we allowed to use volume spray? you can't blame them if they're dog-tired. >> banana joe. >> reporter: as for banana joe, he's now set to retire in the netherlands. >> hard to believe. banana joe's going to be a banana split after tonight. >> reporter: which he'll probably find pretty appealing. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> you called it, spencer. >> i did. >> strong. >> lucky guess. lucky guess. >> but she still can't bring him home. meanwhile, why in the world is everybody in the world doing this? we're shaking things up on "the play of the day." go nowhere. orld doing this? we're shaking things up on "the play of the day." go nowhere.olate... oooh. [ female announcer ] all grown up. oooh. [ female announcer ] jared presents beautiful, natural levian chocolate diamonds and chocolate cultured south sea pearls. levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian -- the leading family in jewelry --
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oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? right then. here's "the play of the day." >> all right. so, there we were, as a portion of the nation snowed in, blizzarded in. >> right. >> and so, people got on the internet. >> yeah. >> and this is what happened.
7:49 am
the harlem shake. all right? it's responsible -- it is the viral of all virals. every video now starts off with them like this. this is a father and son. >> oh, my goodness. that's a little violent. >> and some grandmas. it always starts, one person staring at the camera, one person dancing behind them. and then, we have the university of georgia swim team. >> oh, wow. that's pretty cool. >> that's cool. >> that's like an art installation. >> and of course, it wouldn't be complete without "star wars," getting their shake on. do we have a control room cam? tom? oh. nice. that's great. well done. >> nice moves. >> i don't understand -- >> oh, my gosh. hey. >> whoa. hey. robin roberts is almost back. that's next. berts is almost back. berts is almost back. that's next.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
>> now, from abc7 news, good morning i am eric thomas. barry bond tonight will ask a court in san francisco to overturn the felony obstruction of justice conviction. the tones have argued he was
7:55 am
convicted of giving a rambling answer that had nothing to do with the grand jury steroid scandal probe. >> we have late arriving clouds in the bay that will return to the coast, and temperatures are above average today, in the low-to-mid 60's, one to four degrees above average. fog is possible tonight but total sunshine on thursday and friday and the warmest today, and cooler this weekend and a chance of showers on tuesday. >> limited visibility on san mateo because of fog. north 101, a new accident at shoreline, and north 880, a stalled big rig the scene exit lane.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
how did you know i was a cop? >> you don't look like a lawyer. >> good morning, america. are you ready for some action hero? hollywood's biggest daredevil, tearing up times square this morning. >> really? >> bruce willis here live. >> really. >> talking about "die hard." and what it's like to play american's good guy. >> need a hug?
7:59 am
>> buckle up. get ready. it's time to say yipee-ki-yay, to bruce willis. you have no idea how much i wanted to actually finish that line as scripted. hello, first of all, to robin. robin, one week and this is all yours. george, on his way back from the nation's capital. it's always good to have elizabeth vargas. and to her right, one bruce willis. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, robin. >> you're here to tell us all about your new movie, "die hard." it's the fifth installment of the "die hard" series. it's a blockbuster. >> busting blocks. >> he says modestly. i'm curious. we got a look at the series of your most amazing stunts. let's take a look at these. i want you to tell us which was
8:00 am
the hardest. >> okay. >> oh, that looked like it hurt. oh, no. ♪ >> no, no, no. >> ooh. >> oh. >> weaving through fire. jumping through fire. being catapulted through the fire. >> i would say, if i was bruce, i would have been picking glass out of my feet. >> you had to have prosthetic feet when you walked through the glass. >> they made me some really nice rubber feet. >> what was the toughest of the ones we just saw? >> i'm still excited about the firehose around my waist and jumping off of nakatomi plaza.
8:01 am
>> for sure. >> have you ever looked at a script and say, you've got to be kidding, you want me to do that? >> i said that about the first one. i said that the first night i was shooting. >> oh, boy. >> i had to jump off the garage behind nakatomi plaza. landed in an airbag. i did it. scared to death. i asked one of the producers, why did we do this first? and he said, in case something happened to you, we could replace you. he meant it, no joke. but i hit that "x" on the bag. right there. >> can i brag about a little bit -- bruce, are you just back from paris? >> just back. >> and i understand now, a big award, commander of art and letters. >> very nice. >> i know. can we, please?
8:02 am
>> commander bruce. >> look at that. >> you just thought you were getting the award a week ago? >> two nights ago. >> two nights ago? you told me a second ago, it was a week ago. >> no, i found out about it. but got the award. it was just so nice and very pleasant. >> that's a big deal. congratulations. >> nice to have a hollywood superpower sitting next beside you every now and then in the morning. good morning, america. just a little bruce willis. and how about this as well, by the way, on the cover of "people" magazine. take a look at this. who is it? no one else but robin roberts, looking gorgeous. sharing her story, the journey back, after that bone marrow transplant. we are going to have her back. you can pick up the "people" magazine. pick up five, by the way. make that the biggest-selling issue in america. how about that? >> absolutely. >> she'll be here in just seven days? >> anybody else get chills? i know i did. can't wait to have you back, robin. also, this morning, we're talking about kate, the duchess. some new pictures have emerged of her in a bikini. as we know, she's pregnant. and there's a lot of controversy, actually, over her
8:03 am
right to privacy. we're going to talk about that coming up. but first, josh, you have the latest headlines, this morning. we're following that breaking news from southern california. the associated press quoting a source the driver license of former lapd officer christopher dorner has been found. in that burned-out cabin in big bear, california, you see what's left of the cabin here. the license reportedly found next to the body believed to be dorner's. dna is being done now. [ gunfire ] before that stand-off dorner fired on two officers killing one of them. which raises the death toll to four. at the vatican, the pope is resigning, quote, in full liberty, end quote. meaning of his own accord. that statement was apparently
8:04 am
aimed at quieting conspiracy theories for his departure. having cited his declining health and advancing age, the pope says he is stepping down at month's end for the good of the catholic church. and president obama isn't wasting any time drumming support for his second-term agenda. hitting the road in north carolina today, following his state of the union address last night. it was then that the president proposed raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour. republicans warn the president's economic plans will only bring more taxes and deficit spending. meanwhile, this morning, wall street within striking distance of a new high. the dow begins the day just 146 points from an all-time record, thanks to buoying corporate profits. however, some analysts warn there may be too much optimism among investors. and here's a reality check. one reason why, perhaps. despite that boom, a new survey finds that some 49% of americans are either living
8:05 am
paycheck-to-paycheck, or, in fact, falling behind on their monthly bills. and finally, terrifying sight here during a ski race in switzerland. watch as this skier triggers an avalanche. >> there it is. >> that he then had to outrun. look at what he does. a backflip -- and to safety he goes. >> that's what i do when i trigger an avalanche. >> when you trigger an avalanche? >> that's how i got to work today. >> that's how bruce willis got here. >> exactly. >> bruce you're saying, yeah, well -- >> what else you got? you know what i got? >> what do you have? >> i have some "pop news." good morning to you. good morning, bruce. and welcome to "good morning america." good morning to all of you as well. and we're starting off "pop news" with a "gma" exclusive. the 15th anniversary of "harry potter and the sorcerer's stone" is around the corner. and to celebrate, the books will get a brand-new look. scholastic has given us the
8:06 am
honor, "gma" has the honor of revealing the first of seven new covers for the wildly successful book series. and, sam, i understand you will do the honors. >> because i can conjure it up with the phrase aparecium, which i believe is a potter phrase. here it is. here it is. >> very beautiful. >> that's nice. >> and everybody can go to our website, on yahoo! for our little q&a with the artist that made all of the new covers. and the full collection will be available in september. a reason to read those wonderful books again. and last night, will ferrell was hard at work at the lakers/suns game. the "anchorman" star playing the part of a staples security guard. he wasted no time exercising said power. he, at one point, even escorted shaq off the court. still unclear. someone's in the control room trying to help me understand why
8:07 am
he was doing this. but he appears to be a bit of a lucky charm. the lakers won, beating the suns, 91-85. and as will says, stay classy, los angeles. >> go, lakers. hey, it's a hollywood baby boom. alec baldwin and his wife, hilaria thomas, have announced they are expecting their first child. the couple told "extra" the pregnancy was a total surprise. and alec found out when he heard hilaria screaming with joy. and the baby will have some good playmates to choose from. penelope cruz and javier bardem are expecting their second child. and steve martin, we understand, just became a dad for the very first time. the 67-year-old and his wife, ann, reportedly welcomed their first child back in december. and we congratulate all of them. >> there's a lot of mazal tov going around. >> lots of mazal, mazal. >> very happy edition of "pop news" today. how about some happy weather, sam? >> it's like pop goes to hollywood baby news. pop and baby, probably -- no. let's get -- elizabeth. it takes hours, right?
8:08 am
>> there's no popping. no popping. >> all right. this is just more than i needed out of this conversation this morning. let's get to the boards. a live picture. how about this? you think your day is sunny? hollywood beach, florida, i wish i was there. plg, the only station that matters in south florida, by the way. take a look at that. >> that wins. >> you don't have to change it. we can sit there for the remainder of the two-hour broadcast for that. okay, but there are some thunderstorms and thunder showers that will get to the orlando area. by the way, orlando, two degrees off a record-high temperature. miami, the same today. there's heat down there and storminess. cold blast from canada. a little bit of an alberta clipper, comes from a little light snow from the northern tier to the great lakes today. but also comes colder air that's moving into the northeast. now, there will be a rain/snow mix. a little bit of snow for some areas coming tonight in the mid-atlantic area. from washington, d.c., to new york city. please pay attention to your abc stations because it's a drive home event.
8:09 am
>> if you're just waking up, america, bruce willis is right here. we have plenty more on the show. lara, what's happening? >> so much more coming up, sam. thank you for asking. here's what's coming up on our "good morning america" morning menu. big controversy for duchess kate. why there's some outrage over some pictures of her. supermodel smackdown. naomi campbell and tyra banks are going head-to-head in reality runway shows. and trendy or tragic?
8:10 am
how you can pull off platforms the right way. i know you were wondering, sam champion. and we will deliver, coming up on "good morning america," live in times square. ive in times square. [ mom ] 3 days into school break and they're already bored. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less. with the small but powerful picker upper, bounty select-a-size. just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf.
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[ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. quit one cigarette at a time. of course. this is the leo diamond. [ woman ] wow. [ man ] it's the first diamond ever independently certified to be visibly brighter. it's perfect. it even fits. that's because... ♪ ...i already had it sized. will you marry me? [ female announcer ] the visibly brighter leo diamond, hand-crafted by the master diamond artisans at leo schachter. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay great crowd out in times square. 8:16. and we're back, now, with a huge controversy, for duchess kate. pictures of her, baby bump and all, on display on a tropical vacation, has been published. and the royals are not happy about it.
8:15 am
we should say that abc news has decided not to show the photos. and abc's lama hasan has the story. >> reporter: hitting the newsstands this morning, italian gossip magazine, "chi," with new pictures of a bikini-clad royal duchess and momma-to-be, with a tiny baby bump on show. >> everybody is entitled to privacy. but it's different when you're a member of the royal family. they crave normality. they want to be just like everybody else. but they're not just like everybody else. >> reporter: the pictures are from a caribbean getaway, an island famed for its privacy and security. but when it comes to the royal couple, there is no such thing as privacy for the soon-to-be parents. the palace is up in arms, saying it's a clear breach of the couple's right to privacy. last summer, when a french magazine published photos of a topless kate sunbathing at a private home in france, the royal couple sued the
8:16 am
publication, warning british tabloids that more lawsuits could follow. the british media have decided not to publish the pictures. but, boy, are they making their voices heard. kate's horror at baby bump snaps, screamed one newspaper. fresh anguish for pregnant kate, says another. today, an australian magazine says it will show the pictures on what it says are celebrating kate looking healthy and glowing. >> kate's on a public beach. there's other holidaymakers there. and she looks fabulous. >> reporter: any photos of the modern royals are big bucks. a court order might never stop the prying eyes of the paparazzi. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. here to discuss the royals' right to privacy is "people" magazine's managing editor. larry hackett. good morning, larry. >> good morning. >> thank you so much for being here. >> here we are again. >> here we are. what do you know? the cover of your magazine is the beautiful robin roberts.
8:17 am
>> we are thrilled. >> we are thrilled. looking so radiant. "i'm lucky to be alive." we're lucky to have her back in one week. >> it's a great story. we were very excited to do this. the interview was terrific. she talks very openly and candidly about the struggle. it was a tough, tough fight. robin, as you all know here is very forward and tough. and very positive. and she remains so. but there were moments that were tough. and she talks about them very candidly. it's a moving story. >> and the difference with your interview with robin, she was involved in it. whereas the pictures we're talking about, with the royals, they were on a deserted island, totally secluded island. and yet, a long lens was able to capture the duchess. >> here's the thing. for women out there. not all pregnancies are created equal. we all know that. people are more interested in her than other people. on the other hand, you have to make a judgment call. i saw these photographs on monday. they tried to sell these pictures to "people" magazine. and we turned them down. there's nothing that's illegal about it, perhaps. but you look at them and say, you know what, our readers would want to see this. but for us at "people" magazine,
8:18 am
this is bad for the brand. people are going to say openly, leave her alone. for another magazine, i'm not going to cast judgment on their decision. they decided to do it. but for someone like us and a big news organization like abc news, you stay away from it. you're tempted to do it. the average person is going to say, leave her alone. this is an invasion of privacy. >> so you think the public reaction will be mostly negative to this? >> i think so. it's an issue of what you can do and should do. you can print them. but should you? it's all up to the person. and we decided not to do it. >> could the royal family take legal action here? >> they did in france in the summertime with the topless photographs. it's possible. it's a place they've been to a lot. they've been there seven times. some might say they should have known better. i think the fact that it's not topless and it's a different grade of picture than the last one. >> where do these two need to go? they were on a secluded island, trying to have some private time. >> i agree. just because you can take a picture of them and you have a lens that can shoot over a mile doesn't necessarily mean you should run the photograph.
8:19 am
again, i think reasonable people will say that seems invasive. >> thank you for your opinion. and that beautiful cover story on our robin roberts. "people" magazine's larry hackett, everybody. josh? >> great to see you, larry. now, to a supermodel smackdown. a legendary one. naomi campbell, tyra banks. a legendary feud, from catwalk to small screen, as "the face" premiered tuesday night. that moves in on banks' reality tv territory. and i can't believe. season 20 of "america's next top model." that's a lot of top models. abc's nick watt has the story. >> what i'm looking for is drive, discipline and thick skin. let the games begin. >> reporter: with those words, naomi campbell launched "the face." and rang the bell for the next round of what could become tv's lovefest. between two grand dames of fashion. newcomer naomi. >> miss naomi campbell. >> reporter: against tyra, the titan.
8:20 am
who until now owned this genre. >> you want to be on top? >> reporter: tyra is about to start her 20th season of "america's next top model" this summer. but after years on top, critics say her perch -- >> it was a big hit in the beginning. but the ratings have been down in recent seasons. >> reporter: and there's history between this pair. boy, is there history. 15 years of catwalk cattiness between these trail-blazing beauties apparently ended with a tearful makeup on tyra's talk show in 2005. neither side would comment. but naomi told "elle" magazine last month, i'm proud of her. god bless her. but here's the twist. remember nigel barker? tyra's silver-tongue lap dog from "antm"? she fired him. naomi snapped him up. barker just broke his silence on bravo's "watch what happens
8:21 am
live." >> don't you have resentment for her? >> you know, for a moment. but it was a wake later when i got a call from oxygen saying, we want you to be the host of "the face." so, one week of resentment. i'm over it now. now, i'm the host. watch out, tyra. >> reporter: naomi insists it's a different type of format. it's a different format with teams of coaches. and they're very different women. tyra likes to smize. naomi, once pled guilty to assaulting an assistant with a telephone. >> is she just going to be snapping at contestants and fighting with the coaches? >> reporter: i think there's just one word to describe this possible model show melee -- fierce. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to nick watt. and also fierce, this season, are platform heels. they're making a comeback. they seem to be everywhere, from the red carpet to the runway. but do they work for real women? here to show us the right way and the wrong way to pull off platforms is lori bergamotto, contributing style editor of "lucky" magazine.
8:22 am
you know, i love these shoes because they make your legs look longer. and they're high heels that are sort of easier to walk in, right? >> that's one of the questions we get at "lucky," how do i make my legs look longer? platform pumps are the answer. but there's a right way and a wrong way. let me start with the tragic way. this is one of our lucky staffers, meredith. as you can see, elizabeth, the platform pump is a bold silhouette. so, when it's rendered in a loud zebra print with the red and a bright red ankle strap, it's doing nothing for her. we love an ankle strap. but this one is just cutting into her leg. the red is kind of clashing with her complexion. and it's overtly sexy. especially with the outfit she's wearing, it makes it look a little bit cheaper than chic. >> okay, so a good pair of shoes would have made the whole outfit look more classy? >> exactly. >> is part of the problem here that the platform is not only
8:23 am
not hidden? it's sort of advertised in bright red? >> exactly. and speaking of not hidden. this is our next model, this is emmy, who's also a "lucky" staffer. she's wearing a shoe. we don't dislike this shoe. but this is more of a fashion shoe. for your everyday, it's not really going to work. this is for evening social events. or red carpet-type things. >> like a really dress-up occasion? >> exactly. and she's wearing it. we talk at "lucky" about the details of putting it together. she's wearing it with a casual shirt dress. the outfit looks disjointed. and the other thing is, you're sort of advertising the platform pump. that's what we're saying not to do. and you can see in that pointy-toe pump, the metallic is highlighted. it's sending out the message, look, i'm in a platform, everybody. and the whole idea with a platform pump, you want to secretly look like you woke up with legs that have five inches longer. >> okay. >> and that brings us to our last model. this is mia. this is the outfit that we're saying is trending. this is the right way to do it.
8:24 am
>> i love her shoes. >> aren't they amazing? >> they're from aldo. they're under $75. >> wow. >> they're affordable. and this part of the shoe, the outer part is called the vamp of the shoe, the outside. that actually has a platform that's about the same height as the other girls'. but you can't see it. >> all three of the shoes are the same height? >> they're about the same height. >> you're right. the ones that you picked as the way to go, don't look as high. >> right. and that's what we're trying to do. also, her ankle strap is a lot thinner than the original one. and because it kind of blends and complements her leg, it makes her leg look longer. and it's all-around just a better-looking outfit. >> i must say, you at "lucky" magazine have beautiful staffers. >> thank you. >> you all look so gorgeous. and thank you, lori. for more on her fashion tips, go to on yahoo! bruce willis. don't go away. don't go away.
8:25 am
>> now, from abc7 news, i am eric thomas. c.h.p. investigator tonight are bat a home in santa clara after finding homemade bombs and chemical tonight and blowing them up. authorities blew up the explosive tonight last night in the front yard. this was the scene last night. c.h.p. officer tonight found the
8:26 am
explosive tonight while serving a search warrant on a 45-year-old who is now in custody accused of making a threat against a public official. update now, from sue. >> we have fog settling in at bay bridge toll plaza and a minor delay leader and early stall at treasure island has it slow on the upper deck. southbound 680 ramp to northbound 101 we have an officer-involved accident partly blocking that ramp. south 680, heavy fog and an accident in the right lane. northbound and southbound 101, two separate accident tonight, that is at mountain
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> now a look the scene fog, quarter-mile visibility in napa and less than that in novato but it is moving. the temperature tonight are starting to rise. we still have fog around san francisco and oakland and temperature tonight in the mid-30's to mid-40's on the way to low-to-mid 60's and warmer tomorrow and friday and imagine the best valentine's vise ever. now, multiply that by a bazillion. that's what's happening on "gma." the best love live event ever. and it's one incredible secret. for the sake of love, don't miss this "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. a fine morning to you.
8:29 am
a bazillion, you can't put that kind of math on happiness. it is one day away, valentine's day. we're celebrating with the biggest -- it will be the love live event, to end all other love lives. >> love live. i like that. tomorrow is about love. today is national breakup day. >> what? >> wanted to throw that out there. >> thanks, lara. >> i'm sorry. i'm giving the news. >> what was that sound? >> oxygen just sucked out of the room. >> thanks, lara, for that. tomorrow is love live. it's a huge secret that we can't really tell you anything about. but i know it involves heart-shaped balloons. >> lots of them. >> there are 35,000 of them. >> i'm wearing one now. >> you're wearing one now. >> i don't want to give it away. i'm afraid i'll give something away. >> we'll provide -- >> focus on national breakup
8:30 am
day. >> no. >> stop. this morning, we have more with our favorite action movie star, bruce willis. he's back. >> oh. >> and as opposed to national breakup day, "die hard." it's the fifth in the hugely successful "die hard." >> i want -- i want the franchise to continue just for the turns of phrase in the title. >> how many? >> yeah. an exciting, new thriller is also about to make its debut on abc. it's called "zero hour." its star, anthony edwards, is here with us this morning. this has mystery. it has time travel. we're going to talk to anthony about all of it. >> mix it in. >> can't wait for the show. >> sounds -- i think it's going to be special. one week, now. one week until robin is back
8:31 am
here at "gma." and from the moment that she revealed she had mds, last june, her fight became our fight. friends and family and so many of our viewers, joining team robin. we want to celebrate all of the other teams out there, who help their loved ones fight the battle ahead. >> we're all here for you, robin. team robin members out there. >> i have the little r.r. on my nails. >> reporter: all of us here, team robin, sends our love. messages of light, love, power and presence, helped brighten our friend's spirit as she watched from the sidelines. >> just so appreciative of the outpouring. not just for me. but for everyone who is facing a challenge. >> reporter: for millions of people facing illness, support can be the difference between hope and despair. >> you have lots of plans for tomorrow. >> reporter: 49-year-old hillary has ovarian cancer. and she has a few tricks to get her through her long treatments.
8:32 am
>> never leave home without a lemon drop and clementine. >> reporter: that's for the metallic taste in her mouth from the chemicals coarsing through her. but even better is this. laughs, thanks to team hillary, which includes 17 girlfriends, some who have known each other since the third grade. each week, volunteers streaming in. choreographing elaborate surprises. and for the last 16 weeks, there's been chants. costume cheerleaders. even her deacon got in on the fun. ♪ team hillary's weekly ritual has become a bright spot for northwestern memorial in chicago. >> i've never seen the variety they bring. the laughter. there's days when they come in and you just smile.
8:33 am
>> we're in double digits. this is number ten. this is special. >> and the week we joined her for treatment number ten was an extravaganza. nine bffs, many who had taken time off from busy work schedules arrived in chicago for the surprise. hillary, as usual, has no idea what to expect. >> it's like a day of adventure. what's going to happen today? >> reporter: the gang descends. >> here we are. >> oh, my gosh. >> put that on. ♪ no one told you life was going to be this way ♪ >> laughter, definitely, is the best medicine out there. and i cackle. i cackle to the point where i'm peeing my pants, cackle. >> it's tough enough to face it as a family alone. but when i know she's going to
8:34 am
see her girlfriends. >> you guys are wonderful. >> her spirits pick up. and therefore, the spirits of the whole family pick up. >> i feel like i've gained like ten aunts along the way. >> team hillary. >> without them, it would just be another bad thursday. you know? laying in a chemo bed. i couldn't get by without each one of you. >> hear hear. >> go, team hillary. >> there's real proof that spreading that happiness goes a long, long way. laughter has been linked to decreased stress and pain. improving immunity, reducing blood pressure. all of those teams, like hillary's and robin's and yours, keeping your lived ones laughing and smiling, you're making a difference. if we could bottle hillary's laugh, i can't imagine there would be disease in the world. and for more about robin's journey, that is coming to an
8:35 am
end seven days from now, go to on yahoo! and now, we turn to a proud member of team robin, sam. >> it's one of those things. friends have to overcome their sadness of the event and turn around and help someone be happy and get through it. it's something you can do. you might not know it's inside you. but you can do it. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to show you. your twitter and facebook pictures. how about georgia flooding? this is the fourth day in a row that we've seen rain through georgia. it's another soaking day today in some cases with the thunderstorms and thunder showers popping up. in connecticut, still trying to dig out of that snow, that's become like a lump of -- i don't know. frozen, really ice. in some cases, 12 to 20 inches of ice. and there's a freshening to that in case you were thinking this is looking dull. west of charleston to d.c. philly, you're getting snow tonight. and that's a drive time snow. pay attention to
8:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers, because every kiss -- >> begins with kay. we know you depend on us for the big behind-the-scenes stories. now, we're going to get into that story about little ethan, the 5-year-old who was held hostage by a gunman underground in a bunker in alabama. what was really going on behind the scenes? this morning, his mom opening up for the very first time to abbie boudreau. and she has the story. >> reporter: new details this morning about what really happened to young ethan. in an interview with dr. phil,
8:37 am
the mother describes the agony she endured. >> there were reports that ethan was crying for his mommy. how did you feel when you heard that? >> i felt like he may feel he had been abandoned by me. >> how did you feel when you heard he might be crying for you? >> i wanted to go to him. i wanted to be there. there's not one second of this whole thing that i wouldn't have begged that man to let me have ethan. i would have turned around and gave him to my family and i would have taken his place at any moment. any second. >> reporter: dr. phil spent time with little ethan in alabama, to see how the 6-year-old is coping with the trauma. >> i think by the time in his teens and when he's grown up, i think memories of this will have decayed an awful lot. >> reporter: he saw two people shot and killed in front of him. how does he move forward? >> well, the way you do that is, it's the best thing in the world you could do is talk about it. so, get him to draw pictures.
8:38 am
you get them to play out scenes with puppets. so, they can play these scenes out. and you'll see the drama. >> reporter: the dr. phil show says it plans to follow up with ethan and his mother to provide support and resources. the show also says the dr. phil foundation is making a financial contribution to help support ethan in the future. >> right now, he doesn't have the confidence to venture out very far. he likes mom to be very, very close. she's a touchstone for him right now. and that's going to be very, very important for him. >> reporter: a mother's bond, more important than ever. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> nice story, abbie. there's more coming up today on dr. phil. we have more on our show, as well, by the way, folks. ladies and gentlemen, have you seen enough of bruce willis? >> never. >> he's coming back. stay with us.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
all right. we're back, now, with bruce willis. a new imax survey asked moviegoers, on this valentine's day, which male star would you like to spend valentine's day with? the winner with 68%, was our guest, bruce willis. it's interesting to note that men also voted for you, hands
8:42 am
down. you appeal to both genders, as they say. it is hard to believe it's been 25 years since we first saw him as john mcclane in "die hard." he's back with the fifth installment of the blockbuster series, "a good day to die hard." this time it's set in moscow. and the action is as intense as ever. take a look. >> get out of the way. ♪ sorry, ma'am. knock, knock. >> knock, knock. bruce willis, good morning. great to have you here. this "die hard" series has earned more than $1 billion. >> well, it -- it's bringing me
8:43 am
back. >> how many more do you think you'll do? >> another ten, i think. i think ten more will be -- >> what will the tenth "die hard" be called? how many different ways can you come up with a "die hard" title? >> "die hard on mars." >> "die hard on mars"? >> hopefully science will get us to the space suit thing. >> do you ever think twice before agreeing to do this? is it a fun movie to do as well as a hugely successful one in your career? >> they always turn out to be fun. it's always fun to do. and always a little -- oh, gosh. i hope this turns out okay. and they always do. they're always fun. there's a great deal of goodwill that surrounds these films that i wasn't aware of until we started doing the fourth and fifth one. it's very nice. >> it's very nice. >> very nice. >> you've been having a very nice time in your life, i would say. you just received a great award in paris. you have a brand-new baby,
8:44 am
mabel. how is that going? and what's it like to be a dad? a new dad at 57? you look fantastic, by the way. >> thank you. thank you. >> you have older daughters? how are they going and dealing with their little sister? >> my older daughters are just cruising through life. they're doing so well. rumor works all the time in films. she lives in california. my daughter sky is about to graduate from brown. >> congratulations. >> straight-as. >> no kidding. >> and telula is about to start school in san francisco, in the fall. >> how is mabel? >> mabel is probably knocking something over right now back at the hotel. she's so much fun. just so nice. all i want to do is be with her. >> is it different this time around? >> no. >> not at all? >> no. kind of the same. up early. not as early as you guys. >> i read somewhere that you said my job in life is to make my baby laugh.
8:45 am
>> yes. >> how do you do that? >> just the stupidest things. here's a tip for you at home. if you're feeling sad or feeling down, just sing this little song. ♪ tra la, la, la, la, la it's from "the wizard of oz." if you sing it loud enough, you'll go crazy or -- the baby will laugh. >> you're on the cover of "gq" magazine. i was fascinated to read that as a child you stuttered. and the stutter went away when you began memorizing lines for a play. >> amazing, isn't it? yeah. that's how it happened. that was me stuttering. i still have a speech impediment. but when i was a kid, i thought something was wrong with me. >> no. i think -- well, i think everybody would agree you're doing just fine. >> i think i'm doing fine. >> well, congratulations on the next installment of "die hard." we look forward to "die hard 20"
8:46 am
on mars. congratulations on the award and on the new baby. good to see you. "a good day to die hard" opens up tomorrow. coming up, anthony edwards tells us about
8:47 am
8:48 am
back, now, with anthony edwards. it's been a decade, i can't believe it, since "e.r." and anthony is back with a suspensef suspenseful, new show called "zero hour." >> it used to be black and white. now, you're in color. >> it's crazy. welcome back. we used to watch you every week. and this show looks really exciting. it's one part mystery. one part conspiracy. and antiques. i saw antique clocks. i'm so excited. >> yeah. they created all of these clocks for it. it's fun. it's a show -- i read the pilot.
8:49 am
and i couldn't believe that abc wanted to do something this big. it's a really big story. the exciting part for me is we're telling the story over the next 13 episodes. what starts on television tomorrow is a big mystery that we're going to solve by may. >> you're not going to spring us along. you're going to give us a resolution to this mystery. and hopefully there will be these 13-episode arcs with a new mystery? >> as a result, we don't have have to hold back. we can tell new, exciting reveals every week. >> i want to show everybody a clip of "zero hour." it's called -- >> i think it's on abc. >> it is. it is. i believe it is. "zero hour," everybody. here's a sneak peek. >> i can't get in. >> hold on. talk to me. >> call the police. don't ask. just get them to langley's shop now. i'm on my way. can you hear me? >> they're breaking in. >> what's going on?
8:50 am
>> i'll be there in ten minutes. layla? layla? >> i'm stressed out already. >> i'm in. >> josh is in. we are in. >> i'm like bruce willis' awkward brother. didn't make the action movie. i'm going to try. >> you are going to try. you've been spending some great time, i understand, when not making it. you have great quality time as dad and husband. >> we left "e.r." and moved to new york with all of the kids. one of the great adventures, we took the kids out of school for a year. and we took two teachers with us and went around the world. it was a real dream come true. >> what a treat if you can do it. you can't get it back, that time. >> people say they never regret the time they spent with their kids when they were little. yeah.
8:51 am
i already cried here today on the wonderful story about -- >> about robin. the team robin, team hillary. >> that was wonderful. >> and you were with us doing work for sandy. >> hurricane sandy relief. hit hard here. >> now, we'll see much more of you. >> wednesday nights. enjoy. >> i'm excited. it starts tomorrow night. and this is like a buckle-up. but you were saying, this is a sit and watch with your whole family. even though it's tense, there's no gory. just really strong mystery and suspense. antique clocks. >> a lot of antiquing. >> we'll explain. you'll understand. >> i understand. >> anthony edwards, everybody. what a day on "gma." thank you. thank you. "zero hour" premieres tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that we won't be stuck
8:52 am
up here, for hours, with nothing to do. oh i get it, you wanna pass the time, huh. (holds up phone) fruit ninja!!! emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app.
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8:54 am
buckle up. tomorrow, right here, biggest love live event in the history of the recorded universe. >> and love. in the history of love. fantastic "deals & steals" just in case you're a little late shopping. >> see you tomorrow. ys of walkig
8:55 am
8:56 am
to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
8:57 am
>> now, from abc7 news, i am eric thomas. in contra costa, a pittsburg police officer was shot chasing a man wanted on outstanding warrant tonight. the officer was treated the scene hospital andry -- and released. the officer fired the scene 30-year-old suspect and hit the suspect. he is in stable condition. mike has the forecast. >> some area tonight have clouds but we will have sun by noon
8:58 am
with temperature tonight above average. low-to-mid 60's away from the coast and the cloud tonight could be more stubborn and mid-50's. topping out up to 70 the next few days and cooler through the weekend. sue? >> fog on the bay bridge and sluggish on upper deck with an early stall cleared. slow 680 the scene bridge with an accident mid-span and before 680. >> joi announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "safe haven," josh duhamel, and star of tv's drama thriller, "zero hour," anthony edwards. plus, "biggest loser trainer jillian michaels shows us how to be slim for life. all next on the emmy-winning "live."
8:59 am
now, here with kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you. thank you. well, that was exciting. [cheers and applause] hello. hello. michael: hey! kelly: hi there. michael: good morning. kelly: hi there. michael: good morning. kelly: good morning,

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